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Special Transitional Programme for a Just Transition Development

The Special Transitional Programme for a Just Transition Development for the affected areas in Western Macedonia and Megalopolis will be implemented as a pilot programme in the regional units of Kozani and Florina, and in the municipality of Megalopolis (areas of urgent intervention).

The objective of the programme is to ensure that the new actions to be organised as a result of the radical restructuring of local economies can preserve and enhance the economic infrastructure and social fabric, and achieve a just and socially sustainable transition. In this framework, the Special Transition Programme for a Just Transition Development includes interventions to strengthen social cohesion, promote redemployment, diversify local economies, attract direct investments, and establish an appropriate business environment to host new and exciting new activities in the framework of the Master Plan.

The University of Western Macedonia, in line with internal consultation processes, has submitted 105 project proposals (budget at 240,000,000 Euros), organised in 8 thematic units:

  1. Agricultural production
  2. Energy
  3. Culture, Education, Tourism
  4. Industry-Construction
  5. Human Resources Development
  6. Environment
  7. Entrepreneurship
  8. Facilities building and upgrade

“Investigation of workforce problems and needs in Western Macedonia during the period of energy transition-decarbonisation”

The Department of Regional and Cross-Border Development has assigned Professor Efstratios Loizou with the supervision of a research (funded by OAED) investigating the potential problems and needs of the affected workforce in Western Macedonia. The research is focused on the following sub-objectives:

  1. Employment and detailed discussion of the socio-economic significance of lignite and power generation in Western Macedonia using secondary sources.
  2. Assessment of the potential impacts of energy transition on all local economy sectors of employment and focus on other significant sectors.
  3. Investigation of local workforce needs and problems in industries directly or indirectly related to decarbonisation via primary research. The survey will be carried out by phone, with a structured questionnaire distributed to Western Macedonia residents.

Research structure: graphical representation

The survey will be in progress until 15/12/2020.