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Just Transition Development Plan (Master Plan)

The Just Transition Development Plan (Master Plan), a development roadmap for the Region of Western Macedonia and the Municipality of Megalopolis, aiming to create opportunities and incentives for the restart of the local economy after decarbonisation, is based on five pillars of growth:

  1. Clean energy
  2. Industry, small industry and trade
  3. Smart agriculture
  4. Sustainable tourism
  5. Technology and education

These rely on building up physical and digital infrastructure, human resources retraining, entrepreneurial consulting services, incentive provision and alternative methods for land management.

The implementation of the Plan in Western Macedonia, with emphasis on its major educational and natural assets, will contribute to research innovation and production of clean energy with a diversified economic model, which makes use of the existing human resources and creates new job prospects.

The design and implementation of the National Plan for a Just Transition Development has been assigned to the Steering Committee of the Plan for a Just Transition Development, chaired by the former Minister, Mr. Kostis Moussouroulis.