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The role of the University of Western Macedonia in energy transition

Throughout the Master Plan development process, the University of Western Macedonia has been a key interlocutor with the Steering Committee, thus, consolidating its role both as a development agent and staff retraining institution.

The Technical Committee for the Just Transition Development Plan, established by decision of the Chairman of the Steering Committee, Mr. Moussouroulis, and chaired by Professor Theodoros Theodoulidis, Rector of the University of Western Macedonia, aims at setting out the criteria and methodology to be applied for the preliminary evaluation of the investment proposals and development plans submitted to the Steering Committee. To enable the development of maturity and sustainability investment projects in the transition areas, the Technical Committee is also responsible for the preliminary evaluation of the submitted proposals and projects as regards the use of European and International technical and advisory support tools. In addition, it investigates the potential impacts on the economy, employment, energy and the environment.

By decision of Mr. Georgios Kasapidis, Regional Governor of Western Macedonia, members of the working group are Mr. Theodoros Theodoulidis, the University Rector, and Mr. Efstratios Loizou, professor of the Department of Regional and Cross-Border Development, who were appointed to draw up the transition process to the post-lignite era in Western Macedonia.

In addition, Mr. Loizou was also appointed Supervisor of Group D, focused on “Re-skilling and retraining the workforce and the unemployed in Western Macedonia”.